Quality Job Interviews Lead To HOT Job Offers

You may be able to win over a single hiring manager easily and quickly. The rapport between you is just right. Your personalities complement each other and you click before you say a word. That can happen and when it does, it’s a great feeling. The details then take care of themselves.


Job Interview Panel

Can I persuade this many people that I’m the one to fill the position?

But what if you have to make a hit with three or four or more individuals? Today’s job interviews are not as simple and singular as they once were. You may now face a ‘panel’ of interviewers from across the spectrum of the company, including an executive, a representative from management, and one from the sales department. That may present a challenge that many job seekers fear. Can I persuade this many people that I’m the one to fill the position? You can if you keep your eye on the prize—the job you want.

It might be a challenge to gain favor with several people instead of just one, since you’ll need to appeal to and attract men and women with different perspectives, goals, and concerns. This team will be the judge and jury when it comes to whether or not you are hired. If you want the job badly enough you’ll overcome any obstacle that comes your way during the job interview.

Here’s what to do. Enter the room and then step forward, smile, and shake hands with each person on the panel. Look them in the eye and take a breath. You’re a worthy person, so be who you are. Conducting yourself in a friendly way will help you relax and put the experts at ease too.

If you wish, you can take this approach to the next level. Ask for the names of the panel members ahead of time, and find out one small and unique detail about each one. For example, one job seeker learned that a woman interviewer raised Miniature Poodles. The job seeker then mentioned that he’d had a poodle while growing up and it was his favorite breed. The woman’s eyes lit up. They had something in common. It didn’t guarantee the job, but it did soften the experience of meeting one another.

Another job seeker discovered that one of the panel members was a marathon runner and planned to compete in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco the following October. The interviewee congratulated her for aspiring to such a goal and then shared that she too was a runner—though not competitively. Right there the two had met on common ground.

As you face a panel of decision-makers be sure to keep eye contact. Stand out of the glare of lights or sunshine streaming through a window that might cause you to wrinkle your brow or shield your eyes. Job interviewing is not a science. But it is a skill that can be learned with practice. So even if you don’t win over every person on the panel, you’re bound to touch them all with your friendly spirit and personal approach. So plan now to be your best self. Then whatever the outcome of the interview you will be at peace.